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The CATA certification process is one of the most stringent in the Canadian health care system. To achieve the status of Certified Athletic Therapist, a candidate must fulfill the following requirements:

Successfully complete a CATA accredited program and have earned a Bachelor’s degree at an accredited post-secondary institution.

Complete an internship of at least 1200 hours of practical experience under the supervision of a Certified Athletic Therapist.

Obtain a valid First Responder with CPR-HCP Certificate

Apply for the National Comprehensive Exam – Written  and Practical components

Pass all components of the National Comprehensive Exam – Practical components consist of: evaluation of knowledge and skills in on-field management procedures; supportive taping/bracing procedures; clinical care evaluation and injury management procedures including modality applications with exercise prescription.


Camosun College is the only CATA accredited academic institution in BC / Yukon. Camosun’s Bachelor of Athletic & Exercise Therapy is an intense, immersive program that combines classroom study with on-site experience. If you’re passionate about sport and fitness, dedicated to helping others, and up for a challenge, Athletic & Exercise Therapy could be your path to an exciting and fulfilling career.

This unique program that combines athletic and exercise therapies will guide you into an exciting career where you will assess injuries and conditions, and prescribe and supervise rehabilitation programs.

Learn more about Camosun’s BAET program

Mount Royal University in located in Calgary, Alberta. The Advanced Certificate in Athletic Therapy accepts applications to students who have already completed a degree in kinesiology, physical education, human kinetics, exercise science or equivalent.

Learn more about Mount Royal’s Advanced Certificate in Athletic Therapy